Guys, this isn't funny anymore! *whines* can I PLEEEEAAAAAAAASE have my pants back now?!

Spent a portion of my weekend strapped to my pup's bed. Gagged with an xl paci, locking mitts, puppers + EU edition Power Up, chastity cage and a hush plug taped to the diaper. Pup also stuck a suppisitory in me and fed me coffee and 3 glasses of water, and stuck a 7 hour playlist of preschool shows and abdl hypno files on the tv and went to work. I was trapped like this for 5 and a half hours and was very soggy, stinky, whiney and regressed when they came home.

I still have lots of comets ☄️ to destroy. Got to save the dinosaurs 🦕

Hands down best part about working from home. And I can be more productive because no potty breaks for me! I'm not allowed to use it anyway!! Lol

For the next week at the very least I will be diapered 24/7 on top of participating in Loctober. Daddy wants my rules posted publicly so here is a link to the tumblr post since the rules are too long for a toot. ;) #24/7diapers

Check it out

Locktober always makes this padded pupper horny enough to wanna write. So O started this. To be continued... :)

Check it out

Puppy is getting an ultra thick diaper for tonight. His locked lil red rocket is going mad at the sight knowing there will be no changies until both diapers are soaked and the inner one is messy. Starting to regret the whole not cumming for a month thing and it's only day two... *pouts*

Tomorrow starts the month for all good boys to be locked away in chastity

Being a good puppy and staying padded and locked up this Locktober. Who else is taking the Locktober challenge?

Daddy decided I needed to be diapered today even though I'm a big boy who doesn't need them. He just laughed and said I'll probably be wet in 10 minutes and stinky and begging for changies by 5... He was right about being wet...

One year ago at PACK Toronto. Was taken to the Black Eagle for an underwear party and had to strip down to my diaper and shoes once we got there. Needless to say I wasn't allowed to have my clothes back when we left...

Missed being able to march as a padded pup in the Pride Parade this year. But at least I have the memories of the past two years to remind me of fun times! Aroo!!

Sorry little Windel. You aren't going back inside till your diaper is filled. Now let's go for walkies!!!

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