So in last post I was wear:

Booster x4
Diaper x4
Fabric onessie with 2 layers

In total, 10 layers for absorbing liquid
and 2 for beauty turned out

Don't upset daddy,
otherwise he can
punish his little boy

My punishment: 100 times
"I am slave boy the rest of my life"

Uniform for home on quarantine:
βœ… Boosters x2
βœ… Butt plug
βœ… Cage
βœ… Diaper
Dress and enjoy 😊

It's funny that in the photo
I'm with a gamepad,
because I'm a PC gamer.
And lately I've been playing
in Apex Legends.

What is your favorite game?

Hello world!

I'm a little puppy from Russia
and I like my red hoodie :p

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