🍼 "It's almost time for little boy's nap time!"

"But I don't wannaarrrrrglubglub..."

**4 hours later**

"Now who had a nice long snooze?" :baby_dummy:

I made Pikachu diapees! Now I won’t have to worry if I have an accident while Pokémon collecting.

I'm having literal diaper withdrawals. 😂 Friggin heck I need to get back home.

Was washing crib bedding today and had to move the bears out for a bit...ended up passing out in the plush pile :)

#abdl #abudiapers #diaperboy 

Ok so the waddling has gotten INSANE. I also have to crawl after a while... :nappy_wet: 😳

Just realized i reached 100 followers might do something for it open to ideas to 🤔


Overnight diaper check i think i need a change but im not sure 🤔


Padded play time with lets go eevee anyone wanna trade and um i may be a bit wet...😳


Just got my chastity cage now i need my diaps to arrive 😭

Its so cold today and i dont want to get up 😭

Which is cuter for a little one to be wearing? Boost for printed diapers or favorite for all white diapers.


No work today means a padded day of cartoons and drawing dont tell daddy im watching american dad🤫


Man the smash roster is huge this lil tyke is tired out trying to get them all might pop my binkie in and call it a night

Oh boy just came outta work now to relax and unwind with playing some smash bros


Just got these diapers wonder if their good any thoughts

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