I got so excited about my new shortalls that I didn’t even notice how squishy I was until I sat down! Good thing I can just unsnap for changies :3

Got invited to a sort-of-last-minute ABDL get-together last night, and it’s really exciting that people are getting comfortable having AB moments at these things now. They’ve never been frowned upon, but I think nobody wants to be the sole AB among majority DLs. People seem to be collectively relaxing about being little though — bringing plushies to get cuddly with, having pacifiers in throughout the night, etc. It’s super fun to see happen!

I *might* have forgotten to ask for a change and leaked on @Paddedbandit’s couch last weekend... no photos of the spanks that followed, but I got punished in other ways~

Diaper check after running errands all day – no time for potty breaks!

I think the foxies stole my paws... but at least they're keeping me warm!


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