Omg I am so happy to finally can share this to you ! My first brand is finally launched 🤩🤩🤩

Mini diaper story
Sorry Daddy

1 Look at me daddy am a princess ! 😇
2 And am dry princess ! 😁
3 hu...wait dada..I..i think i.. 😳
4 Gnnnhh! 😖💩
5 Am sorry dada I didn't make it... 👉👈🥺
6 I wanna still you dry little princess 🙈

L'année 2019 s'est bien terminée avec un super cadeau de Noël. Un super moment avec 3 merveilleux petits @Pitite_Camille @Kiristroh et Tigrou

2019 ended well with a great Christmas present. A great time with 3 wonderful littles

My new friend 😍 he's name is Riki ! Riki the cute shark hihi

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