Hello everyone,
James and I transferred this instance to my infrastructure in two days. We appreciate your patience throughout the downtime. This new infrastructure may have some hurdles at the beginning, as any moved infrastructure might have,, so let me know if you encounter any; we can solve them as a community. We're available for inquiries and help. Thanks to everyone who made this move with me, we'll grow and succeed.

@Pikachu hi hi. First thank you so much for taking over and thank you James for all those years of having to deal with us littles.
I've been having 503 error code quite a bit.
It seems to be correcting itself now, I'm only getting a few times when I open my app.
I'll see how it goes in the next few days, and let you know.
Thank you again !!! Hugs !

@Bkid5 Thank you for letting us know, those errors might indeed still be transfer related, so do keep us in the loop if you notice an influx or decrease in them :)

@Pikachu everything is excellent now, I've had no more error messages. Thank you!

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