Went to post this picture to Facebook and realized my diapy was showing a few minutes after I posted it >\\\<

Post light saber duel cuddles. Hubby and I were outside having a light saber duel before this... And after the fact I realized I wasn't wearing pants haha

I might be peaking a good bit while working from home >///>

Here is a butt ... enjoy a non-diapied butt for once hehe

Went to an Ageplay campout near Austin this weekend and had a freaking blast! Hubby and I had to disappear for part of it to be Pokemon Masters for community day, but holy crap was it fun to be super cubby and camping!

I need a changie please!!!! >///<
*Warning you may need a gas mask*

Ok so I kinda forgot about here and have been mainly posting on Twitter... But here have a mid work day padded shot

I seriously took this pick for Facebook of my pupper having his head on my foot... Then I realized I was peaking *blushes *

Is there anything that lets you post on both twitter and here? I keep forgetting to post stuff here >.<

Weeee sick of work this week and decided it's 420 somewhere after my change =D

Ok one last pic for now. I will upload some more later after some 420 time, and Pokemon Let's Go haha

So I am normally mainly active on twitter, but I figured I would see what this place is all about anyways ... Hiiiiyyeeeee!!!! =D


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