Santa's Little helper! Wish you all Wittle and Bwigs a vewy Mewy Chwistmas 🎄🧑‍🎄🎅🤶

"Hey kiddo! Look at Daddy so we can take a cute picture of you cute lil padded booty. Here we are lil boy" 📸

Just a little cub who's waking up from is mid day nap ... Might be still sleepy !

Look Daddy I'm a Big boy I make it too the potty 🤗

Daddy : "okay Kiddo it's time to chat he your diaper"

Me : "but Daddy I'm a big boy, look O wear Big boy pants 🥺"

Daddy "Humm what's poking out of them ?"

Me : "mmm"

Daddy : "lot let's change your diapey Kiddo"

Had to do a diaper check outside! Please boost this so as many people see my humiliation as possible.

Daddy : "dont forget to put your plastic pants on lil boy"

Me : "but why ? 🥺"

Daddy : "Daddy doesn't want you to leak all over your office chair"

Me : "Okway"

Daddy : "Good boy. *ruffing hairs* Know come here so Daddy can button up your shirt" *pats on the butt*

And that's how this little boy get ready for is work day 😊*

*Some part of this story may be real and the rest is up to imagination or not

Getting ready for a long afternoon of virtual meetings ☺️

Hope my colleagues won't see what's under the desk ! 😮

After an afternoon of meetings I might be a wittle wet... 😕

Preparing myself for a morning of Zoom meeting. Making sure to match diaper and onesie 😊

Big : "Why your shorts are so bulky ?"

Me : "I don't see a buldge"

Big : "Drop your pants for me to see"

Me: "hummmm *blush"

Big "Here we are, you're bulky because your a wet lil boy!"

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