You think another layer with keep you dry?!
See this little tyke soak through his pamps
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If you like what you see maybe consider subscribing, it really helps outs with getting you babs the best quality!

She bought me a changing pad.... As if i need it lol

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Thank you for all the support you guys have given me with my patreon throughout the last couple of months!
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Hope to see you there *crinkle crinkle*

You guys are going to make me have a sore tooshie!!!🍑👋

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Are you a bottom or a top? Find out which tapes I do first over at Passie's Playpen

Lookie!! I'm All Dun! I made my beddie good huh?!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Pretty boi ♡ ★~(◡ω◡✿)

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Things are dangerous when living with parents being ABDL / I also share my love of pastels and my morning diaper routine-

My tummy needs Zorbits or Raspberries what ever you call it, I need it! Check out more from this set over at my Patreon.

-side not these megamax samples are fire! Imma need to get some bags one of these days 🤣

Waiting for Diaper pats. One ⭐ equals one diaper pat. Come on and praise my bottom!
I'm really enjoying my day off giving me time to be little! Now if only had dino nuggets...
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Ahoy Baby, Hope your having fun in the sun this summer; while staying protected from UV rays and the messes in between.

Stay padded!

Might be one of my favorite daytime diapers for shore!

What other NorthShore products should I try out for my daily wear?

{For more pics from this shoot check out my Patreon

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