Someone message me here or telegram PLEASE !! I AM BORED and need someone to talk to!!! 😭

Daddy got pizza for dinner !! YUMMY 😋

Hey everyone! I hope y’all are doing ok today. I use to have a blog here (pandamac8 I think) I deleted it some time ago.. I was in the process of getting a really good job (a job I really really REALLY wanted) and at the time I felt it was best that I delete my blog I had here for a few reasons but I grew to miss having a blog and getting to interact with you fun folks and have decided to restart my blog so send me a message and say hey I would love to start chatting and sharing again !! is a community-led microblogging platform. We’re part of a decentralised federated social network, based on the open-source Mastodon project. is hosted on our own servers, supported by our patrons – we don’t sell your personal data or have ads.