my gf: do you think you’ll be ready to go back to work soon?

me, making a tiny sailboat out of a tomato leaf: i’ve got a LOT going on but yeah i guess

Progress! Next will be gold in the border lines, then dotting stars over the black. :) #MastoArt


Imagine having an android friend who has a plug for a tail and whose butt glows when charging.

"i only like programming for the crossdressing part" - luma

Re-shared this on Twitter, and felt like sharing it here, because I love it so much!

Here's my newt critter, Mute! Your spaceship engine was dirty and busted, but they got the job done!

((🎨 - ))

my friend: *sends a cute picture of herself*

me: *immediately stops functioning*

kobolds in FFXIV aren't cute tiny dragon people but instead weird monkey insects and i'm not a fan

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