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Me : Daddy ? Where is my pants ?
Daddy : i don’t know, come and eat your breakfast.
Me : but... i don’t want down like this !

Big bro @PetitTintin tucked me in since it wasn’t his bed time yet. Good thing I still have cuddle buddies!

My cuddly friends are practising social distancing ❤️

ABDL / wet diaper 

Too busy trying to learn my numbers to worry about potty training!

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When you learn to your little brother how to play PS4 ! No need to worry about the potty training, we have all the necessary.

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Fell asleep in my shortalls last night and woke up soggy. Now I'm feeling too cute to change haha :dummy:

.@PetitTintin gave me a new diaper to try! These bears look very serious about helping to keep me stay dry ☺️

fuzzy diaper boy 

Little guy’s all tuckered out after a big day in Berlin! Someone come tuck me in?

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I’m such a lucky boy! @PetitTintin is letting his buddy Pongo stay for a sleepover with me and mini-Pongo!

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Me: Daddy!! Big bro won't let me play Diablo!

Daddy: Hmm....well...I think that game is a bit too scary for you. Let's get you something more age appropriate. *Hands over a coloring book*

Me: But what will I color!?!

Daddy: I'm sure whatever you choose will be great!

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I’ve been in this ABU Space stuffed with a Tranquility ATN for 16 hours. 7 wettings later and no signs of leaking yet! 😁

Wet diaper 

Pongo is leading the investigation into what happened to all my paws overnight 🙈

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