Went stealth padded to a Friends birthday last night. Happy to report that my shorts stayed dry and I went undetected! But had to change before bed... :diaper_wet:

Just a normal Saturday night, hoping that Stitch plays nice in the zoo!  :diaper_wet:

"I do have a bit of a stuffie/plushie soft spot. I have fond memories of being a child and having quite a few favorite plushies, and I used to insist on sleeping with them every night. Doing such these days really helps me find my little space, and I often sleep with a single plushie today. Stitch is a favorite of mine, in both personality and persona, and you'll often see him appear in various forms in many of my photos." - @PaddedCrinkles

Read: abysitter.blogspot.com/2019/04

Me venturing into gender neutral space. Removing aspects of gender can help me regress better, as I clearly remember the days before I understood what "boy" and "girl" concepts were all about. However, this is about as "girly" as I'm comfortable getting. :blobpats:

Goodnight kiddos! Daddy made me a nice warm bottle for bed. :nappy: 🍼🤗

Super thick, doubled-up fun game night with friends last night. PeekABU with a medium stuffer topped that I soaked through and then added a kiddo on top! Couldn't close my legs!

Fish sock Friday, showing off my new socks I got for Christmas! Supreme with a medium booster is a good 8 hour combo. 13 days of 24/7 for the while. :dummy_blue: :nappy_wet:

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