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The week’s just getting started and I’m already crawling away from my big boy responsibilities.

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Normally I wouldn’t do this....

But I feel the need to reminder all 🏳️‍🌈 US VOTERS and our allies of the following reminder!

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Petty drama 

@james they're definitely batshit.
They seem to encounter "radical leftists" (aka "anyone who disagrees with them") on every site they use.
They're just full of hate and if they're gone the site is better for it.

I caught ✨coronavirus✨ and now I’m stuck at home, alone, to recover. I’m using this time to go 24/7 🙈 Tips are welcome

Padded randomly and it. Feels. Amazing.

I’ve been away, and dealing with some very difficult things lately. I haven’t padded in at least a month. Thinking about doing a full 24 hours. Maybe 48?

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Daddy says it’s changes time. Rawr! Thank you Crinklz for providing this amazing changing mat at Club Luier the other day 🦖🦕

Definitely don’t want to adult today 😤

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Changed myself at school ^^
You know, it is funny when diapers stop feeling weird and being padded feels the same as having normal underwear. That is a little achievement :)

P.s. did you know that you can check out if a little is wet/messy by maxing out saturation on a pic?
All the stains become very visible :)
Example included.

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Looking for people to follow? We have a useful profile directory: abdl.link/explore

You can also filter by hashtags, which can be helpful to find users by region, interest, etc..

abdl.link/explore/uk abdl.link/explore/switch

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So I think I may be relocating to the Portland area.... if anyone has any leads on job stuff or places to reside please message me! Also, please help me boost this message so people can see it! All help would be great...

I woke up with the flu 😷 at least I’ll get some solid diaper time in 😏

I wore in public for the first time today. It was terrifying but I’m glad that I did it!

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