Pictured: leaking on my onesie in bed after like two wettings. :diaper: 😀

Not pictured: the third wetting and mess I made after these pics were taken because I *knew* there was still room. πŸ˜… 😌

Morning pic. Not shown: the flooding that somehis overwhelmed this diaper despite not being full yet. 😞 😴 :diaper:

Another morning in which I pretty much wake up just to fill my diaper. I'm thinking... back to sleep?😴 😴 :diaper:

I was already going 24/7 before all of the panic buying started, but now I pretty much have all the incentive I need. :diaper: 😍 😏

Decide to collect some of the butt shots I've been taking lately. I think I'm messy in at least two out of these three shots... 😏 :diaper:

I had to go when I was out today. Sometimes, you don't realize how messy you're going to be until it happens. Had to come home and change... Look at your own risk? πŸ˜…

As Sonic the Hedgehog used to say... "barely made it!" πŸ˜†

One of those mornings where I still have plenty of room, even though I've been wearing this for eighteen hours and am in some... desperate need of attention. πŸ˜… :diaper:

Finally got some of those PeekABUs everyone's talking about.

Time to head to bed just slightly soaked!

Made an important trip out to help a fellow ABDL. SOAKED this SDK. Love it.

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