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Thoughts on shaving my head?

Nothing says “big baby” like being trapped in a high chair. 💁‍♂️

So I have to delay my head shave til the 21st :(. But after that I'm gonna be clean bald!

Well it's official, I'm gonna shave my head completely bald on the 17th or 18th. Here's some of my last pics with hair!

Oh also would appreciate any boosts to get more interactions! If I end up shaving my head I'll definetly post before and after as well as a video

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I bought shaving supplies today! Really hoping you all like the shave my head bald option in my last poll. If you haven't participated yet feel free too! I love interacting with you all and getting support from you!

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Thoughts on shaving my head?

Just got a diaper shipment from daddy. And they are all addressed to "Diaper Boy Luke" !!!

Thinking of doing a q and a video? Does anyone have any questions for me?

Really want to crawl around on all fours and wag my diaper butt while a daddy watches me on cam. Maybe shows his friends and they tease me too

My diapers not wet, this is just what it looks like. What do you think I'm just a big diaper boy who needs to always be in diapers?

Do hashtags cause posts to be seen more?

Anyone want to chat with me? I'd love to show off my diaper on live vid chat

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