I hope every Mom out there got lots of love from all their little ones, little or big that is.

Goodnight, good morning, and good afternoon littles and bigs. Sleep tight and get set for the week ahead😴 😴 😴 😴

Happy MOthers Day all yoo wonderful Mommies an Mary aspecially!!!

👩‍👦 ❤️ I love yoo Mommy!!! ❤️ 👩‍👦

@infantmess92 Oh yoo can do laser hair removal so yoo dun hafta shave him anymore!

That's wot Mommy got me for Christmas!

@infantmess92 @Marshy Oh where?

I found Spree Picky plus that does custom loli style heels in bigger sizes...

@infantmess92 @Marshy

I knooooow~

But I got a pair of chocalitas heels at their 41 and I can get them on but they are just too narrow/tight to walk for berry long in...

"Why are you hiding up here sport? Everyone's waiting to see you!"

"I don't want Grandma and the cousins to know I still wet the bed."

"Everyone already knows Christmas time is hard for little boys. Now go put on your nice new PJs so Grandma can see."

Many years ago, I'd never dreamed of being a part of a community such as this. I'm sure at some point we all thought we were the only ones out there who liked to wear diapers and do baby stuff. I'm really glad I've not only accepted myself, but also embraced my kink, and because of that I've become a much happier person.

After Tumblr went down I thought that was the end of the road for our online community. Every day, I'm thankful for @james has done for us!


Doing something, anything, in such an outfit is my favorite activity.
One of my neighbours saw me at twenty meters, she was taking back her dogs who were barking against and near me while sawing, Idk if she realized what was my outfit.

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