Happy MOthers Day all yoo wonderful Mommies an Mary aspecially!!!

👩‍👦 ❤️ I love yoo Mommy!!! ❤️ 👩‍👦

I may not have done the best job considering the timing of this body writing game wiff Mommy...

Tomorrow is my laser hair removal appointment, an my pubic heart is now surrounded by sharpie hearts! >////<;;

I just passed our cleaning lady on the stairs...
She comes every tuesday...
And she's been leaving my stuffy on my pillow...
And I forgot to empty the diaper pail 'cause its a new house an a new routine...
So I was already dying an turning red when she tells me the bathroom is ready with a trash bag in her hands...
But then I went to our bedroom an realized i forgot to put my paci away also...

I made it halfway so I earned a big heart!!! <3

The first few weren't so bad, but now I'm *really eager* almost immediately after a ruin~


The lab results say I'm sterile!

B-b-but the doc still wants ten more squirties, so Mommy's making em all ruins an we're keeping count wiff sharpie~ ;____;

It's a good thing I'm not an exhibitionist and not feeling guilty about not posting recently and didn't like haff any unused photos from that shoot... <///<

Went out to dinner wiff another couple...
His wife teased that she actually has three children.
Should put him in the backseat with a blanket for the ride back...
I'm like...
Mommy is like... *snicker*

Last Christmas Mommy got me permanent laser hair removal for my face and backside and ... er.. bits~ <///<

We'd agreed I could keep some of my grown up hair downstairs so I wouldn't stand out too much in the locker room, showers, an hots tubs an stuff...

Th-th-this isn't what I had in mind!!!!!!! >//////////<

Walking by Mommy the other night after the kids are in bed and she just tells me to "bend over", and I'm like "Wh-wh-what did I do? Whyy?!!"

She's just like, "bend over little fellow, don't make me throw you on the bed!"

... after a few swats she tells me, the spanks are to improve my mood cause I feel better when I'm reminded who's in charge." >/////<

I-I-I guess I don't do well wiff adult anxieties?

"Good boy"
"Little fellow"

What are some of the things yoor caregiver calls yoo that makes yoo all *swoooooony*~?

Came home from trip yesterday an Mommy picked me up right off the ground and held me up I was soooooo happy!!!

(Guess all those deadlifts at the gym paid off for her!!!)

Welp Monday's are pooopy!

At least I got a little warms on my bum to remind me of Mommy during the day... she caught me last night wiff some skid marks on my undies, and I got a little spanking!

Though it's totes not my fault... I'm always leaky after playing wiff bummie toys and that silicone lube just dribbles out fur hoooours!!! *huff puff*

Warm an squishy this morning an Mommy helped me have a sticky accident this before changies 'cause I been such a good boy~

S-s-so I gotta say Fankyoo Mommy!!!

Done drawing for the morning~

Maybe it's time to get changed out of my bedtime diaper an shower?

It's just soooo warm and squiiiiish~ <3 <3 <3

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