Walking by Mommy the other night after the kids are in bed and she just tells me to "bend over", and I'm like "Wh-wh-what did I do? Whyy?!!"

She's just like, "bend over little fellow, don't make me throw you on the bed!"

... after a few swats she tells me, the spanks are to improve my mood cause I feel better when I'm reminded who's in charge." >/////<

I-I-I guess I don't do well wiff adult anxieties?

Awww 💜 adorable little bunbun!!

You seems to don’t do well with dressing sequences too 😂
I’m very pretty sure that the plastic pants don’t comes on top of your pajamas....

I can understand that soooo good 🙈🙈
But... this way they don’t protect your sheets at all!

Nobody could have known that!

Ollie is *double* crinkling!
(Cause he’s a super little bunny who needs double protection 😊)

@Ollie_n_Mary I not laffin, I was just gigglin cause you is so cutes

@Ollie_n_Mary I not do well wif adult anxiety eithers, in fact I haffa take medicines to keep mines unner control.

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