Got an outpatient hospital appointment tomorrow to check up on something that's been low level irritating but not going away. Examination and likely ultrasound. I sort of want to be diapered for anxiety reduction (issue is "top half"), but not sure whether this will cause more issues? It would be a very nice way of reinforcing to myself that diapers are normal for me and I shouldn't feel ashamed about them, and these are medical professionals, but also...argh!


Back from hospital and all good. Minor thing, but nothing to worry about, and not the thing it might have been. Reassured. Didn't go diapered in the end.

Glad to hear that. Maybe you'll go diapered next time. My experience has been that the doctors, nurses and technicians won't say anything about your diaper.

@mHabdl I had all the responses ready rehearsed and everything, but yeah, they've seen everything before, no doubt. I'm slowly being more open with a few non-DL friends, so aiming to normalise wearing in those circles first.

That's great. Me, I've always been very shy about coming out about my diapers. When I do, I always let people know about my UTI and prostate problems and that I have trouble holding my pee for long. Tha absolves me of having to explain about the ABDL thing. However, when my urologist asks me about my diaper I have to tell him that I really like diapers and I much prefer wearing them to taking the drugs he always wants to prescribe. 👨‍⚕️🚼

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