New game! Talked about wearing and wetting regular boxers under a diaper before - now using those same boxers as a booster, then letting them dry naturally and wearing them as regular underwear when not diapered. They now have a really nice feel and scent.

So, obviously enjoy wearing and using diapers. Also enjoy wetting regular underwear. Tonight's new game is wearing a diaper over regular underwear so I can wet them both at the same time!

Starting to feel like my pup side is moving away from male and towards a non-binary identity. Bought a few skirts and dresses of late, and will likely wear at pup meets and pup-inclusive kink events. Doesn't mentally fit the cross-dressing definition, as I'm not trying to be femme or sissy, rather I feel like I just want to step outside the binary and explore. Pup head space seems to work as a vehicle for that.

Would be nice to have some "diaper social" time with someone. Not an ABDL play date or kink scene, just going for a nice walk, watching TV, playing games and having some nice food, but with both of us openly wearing and exclusively using diapers. There's a nice trust element in being that comfortable with each other.

Starting to really enjoy peeing myself whilst un-diapered, both because it feels nice, but also I think because it reinforces diapers as the right choice for me.

First time properly using washable booster pad. Won't be the last. Made things so much nicer! I may upload the "after" pics if I'm feeling brave.

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First photos for a good while. Still in diaper and booster from earlier tonight.

Out for drinks and socialising tonight. First time for a good while due to Covid anxiety. Decided to rely on diaper and booster for the night (no changes), which made me a bit nervous at first, as haven't worn out and about for ages, but handled everything no problem. Reassuring to have no issues with being wet in public too, as it helps me be confident it's the right choice for me.

Don't celebrate Christmas personally, but still looking forward to some time off to mentally "de-frag" at the end of a very odd year. Whatever you are observing and however you observe it, I hope it recharges you all.

Pondering whether/how to ask husband if he'd be ok with me going #2 in my diaper around the house occasionally? He's fine with wetting, but we've never really talked about messing. It's never been a big thing for me before, but starting to feel like I can't really just wander into the room with a loaded diaper and say "oh yeah, so I do this now"!

Want to get some new pics done, and have a naughty desire to show off messy diaper contents and share stickies I make. I suppose ultimate would be to make stickies over (or into) messy diaper contents. Mwrar.

Went to a nice play event today. Was in "pup mode", but also wearing a diaper, which although covered, was obvious. Gave me loads of confidence, to the point I now want to wear openly at the next event. Had a really nice time. Met another pup I'd been chatting to online and we got on really well, so hoping to see him again soon.

Been a good while since I last did it, but made a messy diaper tonight.

New game! Up in the den, not padded and needing to pee. Peed in the dog bowl I have up here, then rather than go down to the bathroom to empty it, just put on a diaper and poured it in. Puppy problem solving!

Nice evening out in London at a music and comedy show. Overestimated the capacity of the pad I was wearing, so had to dive into a restaurant toilet to avert disaster. Walking through a crowded West End square with pee trickling down your leg is one way of feeling like a puppy who can't be trusted with grown up underwear...

Been wearing inserts and waterproof pants for daytime use lately, reserving diapers for overnight and more special occasions. Seems to work better mentally, as reinforces that I pee in my pants rather than the toilet, but reserves the proper little/pup headspace triggered by diapers for more snuggly times. Nice compromise that results in less anxiety.

Having a randomly self confident week thus far. Spent a lot of time in just t-shirt and diaper, and have been freely wetting around the house whilst doing other things. Husband not batted an eyelid, which is lovely.

Been to a comedy gig. Had an interesting chat about fear of change. Bought a dress!

Back from hospital and all good. Minor thing, but nothing to worry about, and not the thing it might have been. Reassured. Didn't go diapered in the end.

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Got an outpatient hospital appointment tomorrow to check up on something that's been low level irritating but not going away. Examination and likely ultrasound. I sort of want to be diapered for anxiety reduction (issue is "top half"), but not sure whether this will cause more issues? It would be a very nice way of reinforcing to myself that diapers are normal for me and I shouldn't feel ashamed about them, and these are medical professionals, but also...argh!

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