Having a randomly self confident week thus far. Spent a lot of time in just t-shirt and diaper, and have been freely wetting around the house whilst doing other things. Husband not batted an eyelid, which is lovely.

Been to a comedy gig. Had an interesting chat about fear of change. Bought a dress!

Back from hospital and all good. Minor thing, but nothing to worry about, and not the thing it might have been. Reassured. Didn't go diapered in the end.

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Got an outpatient hospital appointment tomorrow to check up on something that's been low level irritating but not going away. Examination and likely ultrasound. I sort of want to be diapered for anxiety reduction (issue is "top half"), but not sure whether this will cause more issues? It would be a very nice way of reinforcing to myself that diapers are normal for me and I shouldn't feel ashamed about them, and these are medical professionals, but also...argh!

So, local kink club is hosting a Halloween "play day" aimed at furry, pet play and ABDL crowd. Guess I do now have a chance to go to a club as a diaperpup! Eek!

Well, didn't have a messy weekend in the end, as just felt like I was forcing myself to do it, which is never the right mindset to be in. Still plenty of diaper time though, including some nice sessions with a wand that resulted in a very squirmy and sticky puppy.

Never really wanted to go completely 24/7, but had a few phases of a month or so full time when I lived alone, and being simultaneously wet, messy and sticky was always a thrill.

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House to myself all weekend, as husband away working. Chance for a couple of fully diaper dependent days? Tempting.

First visit to a munch / BDSM play event in a long time last night. Folks of all genders and body types, and a great array of outfits. Spent bulk of the night as a dog, including some time in a cage, which was lovely. Wasn't in a diaper this time, but have checked, and club dress code allows it (including wet, as long as taken away with you), so that may have to be explored next time. Under a skirt would be the dream, but more confidence required for that!

About a week into using pads and pants rather than all in ones. Going well. Headspace is different, in that I feel intentionally subversive rather than helplessly dependent, but that feels like a better fit for me, certainly in terms of work pressure and stress relief. Subtle difference between choosing to pee myself and wearing protection because I can't not pee myself, if that makes sense?

Think I've worked out that worry over environmental impact of disposables is starting to limit my enjoyment of them. I still very much want to pursue a "peeing my pants out of choice" lifestyle, as the mental health benefits are considerable, so rather than letting guilt make me anxious, I'm looking to switch to reusable pants and boosters as a way of at least partially mitigating that concern, and wondered if anyone had any experiences to share?

First time wearing after quite a long motivational dip. Normally wear Tena Maxi or similar medical diapers, but have a small stash of "special occasion" ABDL diapers, so currently in a Tykables Galactic and PVC pants, and intend to stay that way for the rest of the night. Very tempted to be a bad pup and make stickies without permission, but doing my best to resist!

Not quite a "purge" cycle, but currently finding it really hard to motivate myself to get padded. Get locked into internal dialogues that go on for far more time than it would take to just go put on a diaper, then get irritated with myself about it. Very frustrating. Anyone else get this?

As soon as physical gatherings are a thing again, I'd really like to try attending one in a sissy or maid outfit of some sort.

Bit of personal history - first diapered pic of myself I ever shared online. Still one of my favourites.

Mortgage admin done, now for live stream of Argentinian stock car racing! The internet is wonderful.

Suffering Hour - In Passing Ascension and Defacement - Deviant, for those into said weird dissonant / bendy death metal.

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Diapers, remortgage admin and weird bendy death metal. That's my Sunday!

Feeling increasing desire to find someone who can turn me into a girly sissy diaperpup for a period of time. I'm comfortable as a boy pup, but also interested to explore gender play and see how it changes headspace. Why limit these things?

Feeling increasing desire to find someone who can turn me into a girly sissy diaperpup for a period of time. I'm comfortable as a boy pup, but also interested to explore gender play and see how it changes headspace. Why limit these things?

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