So that was interesting. Whilst tidying up and throwing a few bits of rubbish into the bin that contains my used diapers, I found myself wondering what it would feel like to put one of them back on (wet only). Usually this is the sort of thing I'd procrastinate over, but today I just got on and did it. Don't know if it was the feel of it or the general naughtiness, but, well, it was very effective in certain regards. Not something to indulge in a lot, but was rather fun.

Watching the US election results is like watching the last few laps of a NASCAR super speedway race. There's an uneasy sense of the potential for mayhem and carnage.

More I think about this, the more I really want to make it happen. No idea how to go about it, but will figure it out somehow.

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Top of the "things I'd like to try" list - being put in an already messy diaper. Undoubtedly not sensible from a health perspective, but that doesn't lessen the appeal any.

Would really like to try some sissy / forced feminisation play. Completely comfortable being a boy pup, but also love the idea of blurring gender lines and roles, both from a sexual standpoint, but also a mental health and social perspective. Why define and confine yourself when you can play and find out stuff?!

Having a "keep wetting until I leak, then wet some more" sort of evening.

When we finally emerge from the Covid-19 situation, I really need to get out to meet and play with like minded folks. Was just starting to get comfortable with munches and a few club visits, then everything went weird. Lots of stuff I'd like to do, but need people to do it with!

Work stress building due to Brexit situation. Oh to just walk away and live as a pup...

New onesies and chastity cage arrived. Cumming is for big boys, not puppies who still pee in their diaper. # chastity

Heading into the office tomorrow to collect various notes and personal bits, as well as tidy up desk, as shifting to primarily home based for the foreseeable future. Actually feeling bit anxious, as first time on a train for six and a half months, which is crazy when I've been doing three hours a day, five days a week for the last five years. Face mask is mandatory on the train, which I'm fine with, but whole things feels weirdly alien.

Being forced to wear someone else's pre-wet diaper. Hot, or just me?

Really want to try femme / sissy gear at some point. Being a diapered maid for someone has a big appeal.

Currently enjoying a relaxed evening converting very nice craft beer stored in artistic cans into very nice pee stored in Crinklz Astros, which have rapidly become my favourite diaper. So comfy!

If/when Covid-19 finally leaves us alone, I really need to get the confidence to go out and actually connect with more ABDL folk. So many things I'd like to do, both social and more kink themed.

Been in Crinklz Astronaut last night and today. Blimey they're comfy!

If there's one I find sexier than boys being pups, it's boys being pups being girls.

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