@DDGentleman Here's my work in progress sketch. It all hinges on finding a good set of coveralls. I'm planning to head out thrifting on Thursday and see what I can find.

Also let's say I've never read any manga- is Full metal alchemist a good place to start? Is it available in English? Are there any good series that play with gender or age that are worth checking out.

Thank you for being so generous with your creative energies

I'm finding myself in tea houses quite a bit lately. :P I wonder if that means anything? I had a lovely tea this afternoon and finished with a drink that was almond milk + coconut milk + turmeric + ginger + honey- not tea but it was nice and made my tongue bright yellow.

@DDGentleman I have a “bar legal” ABDL event this weekend. Any advice on what to wear? I’m thinking onesie with clothes over the top and candy necklace

@quelldl How’s your exploration coming along? Did you learn anything?

I think we don't say this to one another often enough- but I want you to know "You're doing great. It's not easy out there and we're not measured by our accomplishments alone. Just being alive is enough. You deserve happiness no matter what."

My partner started a new job today and to celebrate her accomplishments I've been in the kitchen cooking up deviled eggs. I can't wait for her to get home!

Did you miss me? I’m back after a short break to work on other life things. 👋

Yay! It’s arcade day. I’m meeting up with some other littles for arcade games later today. 👑😀

@quelldl So did you try out your new diapers yet?

So I’m going to a party in a couple of weeks and the theme is fantasy. So, uh, what makes something fantasy? I’d love ideas for dress and character

Dancing was so good last night. I started to learn the sugar push- a swing dance. There was lots of missed footsteps but also lots of laughing and high fiving. The only downside is that I’m sore as heck today. Hopefully some yoga later gets me right again.

I’d hoped that the plantain would carmalize but didn’t happen. I think the oil was too hot. Anyone have tips or ideas?

A tasting plate of my cooking. Salsa on the left, plantain, and then Cuban roasted chicken and rice. There’s ketchup too- I know, I know.

Today’s a good day to settle into some cooking. I did a pineapple avocado salsa, Cuban roasted chicken and rice, mojo sauce, and fried plantains.

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I'll probably try to thrift the overalls. I think I'm going thrifting this weekend or at least sometime soon.

I have a birthday party to go to soon (!) and I started thinking about what I might wear. Here's an idea for a 90's-ish outfit (somewhat inspired by Mary Kate and Ashley).

h/t to @boyblink + @DDGentleman for getting me thinking about outfits again (I LOVE DRESSING UP)

Good morning, world. It’s going to be thundery here today but that’s ok because tonight I’m going out dancing. I’m super bad at dancing but that’s ok- I can learn!

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@littlequestions One of the best things one of my littles did is when I had a hard day and wanted to relax on the couch and watch TV they came over, laid beside me, and put their head on my lap. I couldn't help but stroke their hair. Really helped my mood.

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