Boo! I wasn’t feeling up to a dungeon trip last night so the night was spent cuddling at home instead

Outfit plan for my evening at the dungeon tomorrow. I’ll also have white leggings and a head band with a bow. Make up plan is pretty simple- a little blush and maybe sparkles around the eyes

A trip to the dungeon tomorrow means outfit planning today! I got a super cool rainbow wind breaker. I’ll post my outfit when I figure out the rest

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And now it’s snowing. Never change Colorado

I heard bird song this morning- spring can’t be so far off

Today’s a good day to ask for a loan for all the money for buying a house

also gender 

also gender 

Gender stuff 

I’ve been playing a lot of Xbox 360 recently. It gas such a solid line up of games. C and I play rock band together. I’ve been enjoying tomb raider and don’t get me started on PAC man CE DX. So good!

I’m getting so excited for CAPCON!

I’m looking to buy a house this year and I had my first tour today. If the space is big enough C and I are thinking of building a nursery for ageplay!

Sleeping in a diaper always gives me different kinds of dreams

It’s comic book day! I’ve been reading Middle West, Harleen, Saga, and Monstress. For my little side I’m into lumberjanes! What else should I be reading?

I super want to get and build this set. This is my dream house- right next to a bookstore

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C gave me a new onesie that says “I love mommy”. She thinks it’ll help calm my brattiness. We’ll see... 🤗😬

Last night was rope night! My partner C is getting good at the TK and we learned the Y friction and used it for a simple “suspension”. I wasn’t lifted but it I relaxed into the rope it supported me

Today’s a good day for some therapy!

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