I’m still here. Things are different. I’ve started hormones and my partner and I are figuring it out. Ageplay has taken a back seat for now which is sad but realistic.

The world is large and frightening right now

I’m venturing out in the world today to hike. I’ve been super grumpy being stuck inside for weeks

Rearz rebelz are what I normally wear (in pink!) and are also nice but don’t for me quite as well

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A few diapers from CAPCon. For me diapers exist only to facilitate a head space so I’m not usually super adventurous in trying new ones. At CAPCon I could try anything and everything. I really like ABUs because they fit me well and are cute

I see why the con makes such a point of taking care of yourself- naps, food, breaks. It’s so easy to look up and find it’s four hours later

CAPCon is hard to put into words. Today I was bottle feed in a giant crib, played in a seasaw, did arts and crafts, trick or treated, rode tricycles, went to a class, made new friends, built with Lego, ran around looking cute all day, bounced on a swing, shopped at a market filled with ABDL stuff, and and and and... there’s even more stuff

I’m feeling a bit nervous not really knowing anyone here but also super excited for things to start tonight.

Nails for CAPCON. Tomorrow is registration and welcoming ceremony. Oh my goodness I’m excited.

Ok. How terrified of coronavirus should I be? The media is making me more and now afraid. I’m also buying a house right now and the stock markets are making me afraid. Eep!

I do not need another vita but this one is so cute and totally matched my ageplay aesthetic. 🥺

Yes everything fits fine but Elly doesn’t want to be closed in

Oh gosh but Mario kart, animal crossing, Pokémon. Maybe I’ll bring both the 2DS and the vita but then it’s more cords and more stuff to hero track of... clearly I haven’t really decided

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I debated a lot over what console to bring. The ps vita won by a narrow margin. I’m too worried about hurting my switch to bring it. The 2DS was a contender because it looks cuter and has more “age appropriate” games but it’s just not as much fun for me. I’m planning to play lots of Terraway and Little Big Planet in this trip

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