Saturday! I’m getting my nails done with my girlfriend and lazing about. Saturdays are the best!

It’s going to snow tonight! (Snow dance!) I wish tomorrow could be a day just to be little and cuddle inside.

I'm going away for a halloween weekend! This will be the longest that I've ever been little and hanging out with littles. I am SUPER excited.

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Build a blanket fort. Seriously. Oh, and do not bring your phone into it.

I’m up late writing an honest but difficult letter to my parents. I love them and have worked hard to live up to their aspirations for my life. I’m making some changes in my life that aren’t what they expect from me. I hope they’ll understand

It’s October now. Let’s discuss our Halloween game plan. What are you dressing up as? Be bold!

Good morning world! Autumn is coming to settle in Colorado. The leaves are changing and the morning is brisk. How’s everyone doing as the seasons change?

So dungeon. I want to a dungeon last night. Folks were super nice and it was scary and interesting and delightful and gave me fuzzies and nerve wracking and overstimulating and happy. I felt vulnerable all night with others and with myself. I let myself be open to new things. I'd go back but I definitely need a rest afterwards. I had the cutest outfit and I was more little with strangers than I've been in the past. A+ growing experience.

I had a great time at kinky (but not little focused) event last night. Next week I have an invitation to go to a dungeon for a littles-focused night. It would be my first time and I'm nervous/excited/scared/thinking about doing it/maybe I shouldn't/excited/interested. You know, the usual response to trying something new.

As far as age goes- I'm aiming for toddler / preschool / maybe up to kindergarten. Definitely "cute" over "sexual". The kind of thing that makes you go "awwww". Gender wise I'm aiming "non-conforming" edging towards fem.

@DDGentleman I would love your opinion if you're not too busy. You have the best outfits.

Good morning, world. I'm planning to go out to a "back to school" dinner in the next couple of weeks. The dress code is "anything that doesn't make normal people too uncomfortable". I'm thinking about going for a school-girl/school-boy look. What do you think I should I wear?

@DDGentleman Here's my work in progress sketch. It all hinges on finding a good set of coveralls. I'm planning to head out thrifting on Thursday and see what I can find.

Also let's say I've never read any manga- is Full metal alchemist a good place to start? Is it available in English? Are there any good series that play with gender or age that are worth checking out.

Thank you for being so generous with your creative energies

I'm finding myself in tea houses quite a bit lately. :P I wonder if that means anything? I had a lovely tea this afternoon and finished with a drink that was almond milk + coconut milk + turmeric + ginger + honey- not tea but it was nice and made my tongue bright yellow.

@DDGentleman I have a “bar legal” ABDL event this weekend. Any advice on what to wear? I’m thinking onesie with clothes over the top and candy necklace

@quelldl How’s your exploration coming along? Did you learn anything?

I think we don't say this to one another often enough- but I want you to know "You're doing great. It's not easy out there and we're not measured by our accomplishments alone. Just being alive is enough. You deserve happiness no matter what."

My partner started a new job today and to celebrate her accomplishments I've been in the kitchen cooking up deviled eggs. I can't wait for her to get home!

Did you miss me? I’m back after a short break to work on other life things. 👋

Yay! It’s arcade day. I’m meeting up with some other littles for arcade games later today. 👑😀

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