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Didn't know when I got this shirt, it would be this long. What do you think @MamaMagby ?

Ok, here's a long shot. Anyone in the the North side of Chicago or north of Chicago that is looking for a 9-5, M-F office job? My place of work has been looking to hire for about two months now. People just don't show up to the interview. Under 35 years old, some form of customer service with answering phone, need to speak Spanish and English, familiar with computers. Guy or girl, doesn't matter. DM me for the email 📨 address to send your resume.

With a bladder control pad in it as a booster, it makes a good substitute to wear all day, even at work.

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A video version of my guide to making custom diapers! You might need to pause it to read everything. It’s 18+ just to be safe, so you’ll probably need to be logged in to watch. I’m sure there is a typo in there, but I think I did okay for a baby.

Where all my baby bothers at in LA, Santa Monica area? I could use a changing.

I’ll in Los Angeles next week and I don’t have enough diapers with me for my stay. Is there a store front I can go to in LA, or any one know a store that does 2 day shipping?

I can order regular s/h but I’m afraid that I won’t get it in time. I’m currently in Palm Desert and I’m leaving on Wednesday.

So I decided to start shaving all my hair off -legs, arms, butt, genitals. I really like the smoothness and the look. However, I’m getting bumps. How do you get rid of them? And prevent them?

Working with 3 medical grade diapers today. I got a lot more done, and drank a little bit more coffee too. I had such a big bulge.

Felling nice and soaked waking up in La Quinta,CA. I'm out here for work, and had some diapers shipped to the hotel.

Found some boxer briefs at Target in the Men's section. This one I'm wearing is Space Jam, they Garfield too. They must have made these just for us 🤗

I like it when I put one on tight. It gets tighter as the day goes by.

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