Weekly game night (Astroneer) with some international friends after taking a bit of a mental health day. May be sneaking in some padding to avoid breaking the immersion with bathroom breaks.

A day in the life: At the office, have to pee three times before lunch because I drank a cup of tea. Relaxing at home able to indulge in a bit of me time; drink all you want and not have to even wake up during the night to go. 🤔

Queued up 'Playing with Fire' to watch this evening; couldn't even get all the way through it. Did not find it funny at all. Back to watching YouTubers I'm subscribed to.

Sites that allow you to play board games online (preferably free) that are easy to setup in a pinch. Tried out a site that has cards against humanity on it which required an outside source for voice chat, but it wasn't horribly intuitive to get going.

And go...

For you folks north or the border who have been placing/recieving orders and usually use a holding service like UPS hold at Depot or Canada Posts flex delivery what have you been doing as of late. I've been on the fence of placing an order the last little bit but really am not keen on going places I don't need to go. More just for my own piece of mind. I could get things sent directly to my physical address but it's not ideal.

With everything going on in the world lately, it's been a while since I partook in anything ABDL related. My mind just isn't in it and just can't get the energy. I did get some reassuring news this week regarding wages and such, but just can't be arsed. Doesn't help my stash is half low and having to pickup a delivery from a post office right now is not high on my to do list.

Any gamers amongst us? Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch... What upcoming titles are you all looking forward to? What's a game you've completed multiple times and could run through again?

I can't wait to get my hands on Cyberpunk, but rumors are circulating that the delay was because current gen consoles can't handle it.

Friendly Friday discussion: What type of music is everyone's go to after a long week. What genre is first on your playlist to help you unwind, work out, release tension, etc.

I mean all this padding is great but that's not all we are...right? 🤣

Myself it's hard rock or metal. Quite like Disturbed, Volbeat and Shinedown.

Shoulders/neck: stiff and sore
Legs and arms: feel like rubber
Total shoveling time: 9 hours
Driveway: cleared about as much as I can be arsed to clear it.

Sometimes living on this rock in the ocean sucks a whole lot...

And so starts a long day on the eastern tip of Canada. 80cms/3 feet/36 inches of snow (possibly more) forecast in 24 hours with hurricane force winds. Gonna be a doozy 😐

If the forecasts are any indication; my neck of the woods is about hit with the armageddon of snowstorms and could grind everything to a halt for a few days.
-checks stash-
Right, refill the beer cooler and good to go 🤣😝

Sometimes I'm proud of my ability to keep my spending in check given costs in the frozen north, but then other times I look at my limited stash or my solitary onesie and wish I could prod myself to indulge a little more from time to time.

C'est la vie

Just a tad bit of snow on the way for NL tomorrow into Monday. Perfect weather for hiding under the blankets.


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