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Ok, so I started a giveaway yesterday but I'm modifying it because I think it was too complicated. Here's what you have to do.

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Clouds were hanging a bit low today up at Many Glacier. Was able to take my lunch up here again and do a bit more writing today in the cool mountain air.

I was writing a really heart-string-pulling scene and it's so vivid in my mind that I'm having to take a moment to realize it's just a story, not my life.

‪No matter how perfect, every relationship has struggles. Keeping a relationship together over time is work but can create a meaningful bond that is stronger because of it.‬

‪When my wife and I got married, I found that our views of marital sex were very different. We had sex maybe one every couple months for the first 4 years of marriage including one stretch of no sex for a year. It's taken a long time to work out of that pattern but it is possible.‬

‪Anyone else in the community ever deal with being refused sex? ‬
‪I'm not talking about consenting play or just once on awhile, I mean refused sex for prolonged periods of time consistently.‬

I really want a cabin in the edge of the clearing where the trees surround the cabin leaving the front this awesome view and having nobody around me for miles...🐻🦊🌲🌲❄️🏔🏕

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