Went to see The Lion King. The movie was amazing. No time for poddie breaks for this baby. Double diapered and soaked.

Naked poopy butt. 

I twied making it to the big boys poddies but it didnt work out. Luckiwy i had pwotecion. 💦💩👶

The aftermath of my nightime diapey. It is weally wet and stinkys to the point of leacking. :nappy_wet: 💩 🌊

Didnt want to use one of my good diapeys vecause im getting low. Hopefully this doesnt leek hehe. Nini everyones.

Went from a big boy to just a baby with just a change of my underwear hehe.

Warning: nudity messy diaper and butt. 

This baby had a lot of gaming to do. No time for potty breaks. But now it is time for this baby to take off his wet and messy diapey and clean up hehe.

This little needs more friends on Pokemon Go hehe. Here is my code and my qr code.

My night time diapey. I am winning against those awiens hehe.

This baby just got his bottom wisdom teeth out. Now i really can only eat baby food hehe. P.S. my face is super puffy right now.

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