This was a thing I fount on tumblr thought I'd share in including with you guys

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There’s nothing like waking up from a nap when you’re totally soaked to remind you that you belong in Pampers.

So tonight was fun 🤪🤣 went up hospital with chest pains and it's coming from my shoulder 🤨🤔 like that makes sense. Main thing is they sent me home (fun 2mile walk later) and I've gotta get some meds (Co-Codamol & Ranitidine) whoop

Only a few wets 🤔🙈😔😇 maybe should rethink the whole underwear thing (but need to get diapering DOWN first still not impressed with my taping

2 diapers ruined & a lot of stress to put one on & now super not in the mood now ones on - I'm in the mood to f**king scream 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡 feels way too loose

Got my amazon parcel - taking my switch collection on cartridge to 7 hehe

Taking half my flat apart to do some slight switcheroonies is helping my brain - so I suppose if you suffer with severe depression and can't clean or do much - just make something different + put effort into that (as much effort as you emotionally can) and it helps 🙈😋

Not saying I'm back-back but... In the words of John Wick "Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back"

Got a 1pm meeting with mental health team - whoop (think it's the last one too 🤞🤔) just can't be dealing with people that just go "oh we will help" then leave you to it for months then ask how you got on "well, all went to s**t but thanks for YOUR help" 🙈😡

So I have a date week Tuesday - just coffee but still a date nonetheless x

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Heading to work.. This little boy has some major pants sag going on. Showing off that diaper!! (Ps sorry it's upside down can't figure out why)

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My Daddy @shadowwolf1987 has me wearing my other dino onesie to work today hehe RAWR

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A pic of my nappy from a few days ago. 😳 I love it when my nappy gets so big and squishy 😅 I think everyone should just be nappied all the time 😁

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Rated PG - For Kink
Littles that can't handle the hot stuff turn away now before it's too late and you start to like it. 😏

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Been in this diaper for a little over 13 hours. Daddy out 5 boosters in it so i wanted to use it and abuse it hehe. Been drinking tea and water all night didn't realize how full it was until i got up and almost fell over because of how heavy my diaper was 😳😳

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Walking home from work. Decided to get a couple diaper pics for the Heck of it on the VERY busy route I take to walk home.. Im 100% certian that a million (ok maybe not that many, but still quite a few) people saw.. 🤷‍♂️ oh well hehe 🤗

So yeah, last night ended up seriously breaking down + actually telephoned my mum and broke to her + she knew I was broke all along. I mean I knew I didn't tell her because she has her own mess atm but to know and do basically fuck all?? Wtf 💔 so not cool

It's 3am - should probably think about sleep hehe

Brains chaotic atm - wanna be more active in this community but last week or so been burned by people in this community I consider family (not in this server - but in other platforms)

So atm I wanna just chill and get back in the motions in my own time - atm I think diapers are off the table but I will be back and come back SWINGING a home run soon enough xx

I'm around but I'm in a weird headspace - not little nor CG atm

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