Back after the LONGEST time away... Diapered up for gaming last night.. gutted I only have 1 or 2 left might need to order more :blobaww: 🤔🤔🤔😇😇😇

Haven't worn for months.. decided to not overthink and try, as was worried about weight.. currently sat in a wet diaper with Dino onesie and joggers (as need the pockets and the leg warmth) xx now just to decide what to game on x

What have I missed by not being around for so long x

wanna get back into writing but gonna get back into it slowly methinks with a short story xx

Brand new BDSMTest done 😁 surprised by a couple of numbers tho

Been away for a while + now I'm back :P

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So that's me moved - got the keys yesterday and getting furniture in at the weekend xx

Haven't been on here for a while.. life kinda got messed up... dont know what I'm doing thesedays tbh

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Need to get up and showered and phone charged as meeting mum at 1 for lunch but cba to get out of bed even though I'm seriously thirsty rn :(

Rawer -been away for a little bit - have I missed anything?

This was a thing I fount on tumblr thought I'd share in including with you guys

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There’s nothing like waking up from a nap when you’re totally soaked to remind you that you belong in Pampers.

So tonight was fun 🤪🤣 went up hospital with chest pains and it's coming from my shoulder 🤨🤔 like that makes sense. Main thing is they sent me home (fun 2mile walk later) and I've gotta get some meds (Co-Codamol & Ranitidine) whoop

Only a few wets 🤔🙈😔😇 maybe should rethink the whole underwear thing (but need to get diapering DOWN first still not impressed with my taping

2 diapers ruined & a lot of stress to put one on & now super not in the mood now ones on - I'm in the mood to f**king scream 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡 feels way too loose

Got my amazon parcel - taking my switch collection on cartridge to 7 hehe

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