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Messy diapers are my new social distancing technique. 😷 💩

I love the feeling when goodnites tell me i'm not a big boy and need something sturdier. You cant really tell it but if you were there you could certainly smell it. Had someone regress me for a long while... Never thought i was into the ab side of abdl. Or staying stinky and messy for most of the day :3

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Babbling happily, I kick my feet up into the air, loudly smashing my mess as I pull my knees to my chest. The inside of my padding becomes coated in my poo, the smell inescapable now… so obvious I shit my diaper like a helpless puppy. I close my eyes as a deep fart rumbles into my diaper and I continue sucking on my thumb, babbling nonsense.

NSFW - Pawing Off 

Being a naughty puppy NSFW… too bad I can’t naughty the big boy out and be left as a dopey poopy puppy :0

I feel like a dirty puppy, I smell like a dirty puppy… I am a dirty stinky poopy puppy!!

…I hop up just as the stream of yellow piss begins to loose pressure, I’m quickly reminded to my guy’s cry out in pain as my tummy loudly grumbles. I have waited too long, holding back from the potty all day. I lean forward and barely push, immediately I’m rewarded with soft, warm, mush spurting out quietly. The sloppy poo flooding my already soaked padding. Quickly the smell fills the entire room - unable to escape my obviously poopy diaper - I grunt more pressing the soft yellow poopoo out…

Coming home from work… taping myself into an already soaked diaper. The feeling is incredible, I’m only cold for a second before I release my aching bladder and flood the already soaked padding more. I close my eyes and draw my thumb up to my mouth and begin to suckle on it as the padding grows warm and changes to a deeper yellow.

Those who have tried being put into a used diaper or putting someone into a used diaper… how did it go? How many are fascinated by the idea like me? :0 used diaper in a used diaper

My eyes widen as a loud wet fart erupts into my yellow diaper. I gasp as a sloshing sound is heard from my crotch. The seat of my padding suddenly bulges out, bunching itself out in multiple points as I bite my lip and slam my eyes shut. Warm, sticky mush cakes my rear as my soaked diaper sags greatly. “Mmmpphhfff!” I cry out as I loudly grunt and push. Poop loudly crackles into my wet diaper bulging it further as the mess begins to fill the front.

“But I’m a big boy!” I whimpered as a loud hissing was heard from my thickly padded crotch. The padding began to sag as I bit my lip and watched it turn a yellow, soggy and dark hue. I couldn’t stop it... I was wetting my diaper...

I let it happen, no resisting. Felt really great to fill my thick diaper like a puppy. Grunting happily like a good boy. So messy and poopy!! Rawwrrfff!

I close my eyes and crawl a few paces forward before I stop, wincing from the pressure at my quivering hole. I grin and give into the mass settled at my hole, immediately feeling relief as wet farts and slurps and squelches loudly echo off my room's walls. The mess quickly engulfs my clean skin, thick and sticky it balloons my diaper out, sagging it low. The smell of my mess surrounds me, it’s obvious I shit myself like a puppy - I begin loudly grunting, happily pushing the poo into my diaper.

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