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I close my eyes and crawl a few paces forward before I stop, wincing from the pressure at my quivering hole. I grin and give into the mass settled at my hole, immediately feeling relief as wet farts and slurps and squelches loudly echo off my room's walls. The mess quickly engulfs my clean skin, thick and sticky it balloons my diaper out, sagging it low. The smell of my mess surrounds me, it’s obvious I shit myself like a puppy - I begin loudly grunting, happily pushing the poo into my diaper.

I closed my eyes and released the pressure I was holding on my bladder. For the third or fourth time a muffled hissing sound suddenly is heard, growing louder and louder as my already flooded diaper began to take on more weight and sag further from the weight of the stinky, yellow piss. My dog collar jingles loudly as I shift forward, resting on all fours. I can already feel the enema doing it’s job; quickly and strongly as I grit my teeth due to the bombs going off in my roaring tummy.

Diaper Usage 

...I tried to hold it... I couldn’t stop it... rrrrawwwrff

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one bear deluxe™️ comin' right up ~

Does anyone else like putting on an already used diaper? Nice warm and seriously soggy. Arrruurrrrwwwfff! 😍

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