Those who have tried being put into a used diaper or putting someone into a used diaper… how did it go? How many are fascinated by the idea like me? :0 used diaper in a used diaper

@Messymutf The horny part of me says yes, the nice hygenic part of me screams no-
I think if the situation was forced i'd probs enjoy it a bit 😄

@Messymutf Definitely want to be put in an already wet diaper, but not yet had the opportunity. I have the same curiosity about a messy diaper, but hygiene concerns probably rule that out. I did wonder if you could wear a pullup as a barrier? If I ever try either, I shall be sure to report back!

@Messymutf i use diapers for a couple days especially if i soaked it good the day before. Best. Feeling ever

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