@james I think there is some problems with abdl.link with google cuz I cant open it in the browser

Who's going to Folsom SF on Sunday? We can say hi to each other!!!!!

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Haven't used Kik in years, these days mostly Telegram and ABDL.link. But I first started talking to my Daddy on Kik.

Anyone here use Kik as their main messaging app?

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I slept my entire day away.... WHY AM I STILL TIRED?!?!?!

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmm what do I do if I wanna nap but I don't wanna nap?

OWO I just realized that I have so much followers!!!! Thank you for following me :3 I don't know wut to do :P

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I want to buy every abdl thing in the world but I know that I am not gonna use it all. DX Why do I even want it in the first place then?

I found a company that sells drinks served in baby bottles :3 I just had to get one. They come with a tiny bib :3


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If you die in your sleep, you are stuck in the dream you were having. You died of a heart attack in a nightmare.
#writingprompts #writing

Some say asexuality doesn't exist.
Some say dragos don't exist.
Well, here is a pic of an Ace drago :3 happy pride peoples eventhough we are already half a month in.

Just got padded :3 not sure what to do tho. I don need to go potty.

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@DiaperFarth ☺️🙈shhh can't be telling everyone :diaper_wet: 🤫😊🙈

I just realized that because I don't use hashtags, people can't find me easily XD. So..... I am hidden from everywuns. >:3 Imma ninja!!!!

The amount of furry stuff I've been looking at recently is way too much for a normal human being XD. I just like good art :P

hmmmm I drew some dwagos. Should I post them here?

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