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"Are you stinky again Tommy?? I swear, this kid's spends more time in a full diaper than all the other toddlers on the block combined!" :baby_dummy: 💩

"OMG, he's still in diapers?? Well isn't that just precious! Some boys just don't wanna grow up I guess."

:diaper: 🐻 :baby_dummy:

“Shouldn’t he have some clothes on?”

“Why? Everyone knows he’s still in diapers by now. He doesn’t care who sees anymore.”

Okay kiddo, get that stinky diaper butt out of the air and lie on your back for your change please! :baby_dummy: 💩 😅

No use trying to hide it, kiddo. It's pretty obvious what you're wearing under those clothes. Only one thing can make a bulge like that, and judging from that stinky smell in the air I think you need a new one... 😉 💩

Nothing like waking up already diapered and in little mode! A few pics from my latest diaper morning 😁 :baby_dummy:

New story! Un-Pottytraining: Chapter 1.

“Theo’s face reddened again. What if she’s right? Diapers were a lot less stressful than potty training. And they were vastly more comfortable than underwear. So comfy! The thought of being back in diapers, once again feeling the soft, thick padding around his nether regions, gave Theo a warm, fuzzy feeling in his tummy.”

Read the full chapter here:


The third and final chapter of "Two Again" is out now! I've had a great time writing this story, and the response has been very positive, so I will definitely write more in the near future. If you have ideas or requests, don't hesitate to let me know!


Disclaimer: This chapter contains POOPY DIAPER CONTENT. If that's not your thing, you might not enjoy this chapter as much as the others. If it is your thing, this will probably be your favorite chapter 😉 :baby_dummy: 💩

Chapter 2 of my story, "Two Again" is out now!


Thanks so much for the positive response so far! Keep liking and sharing!

Announcement: I’m writing ABDL stories! After years of struggling to find ageplay/regression stories with male characters geared toward ABDLs more on the AB side of the spectrum like me, I decided to start writing my own. I’ve never really done any creative writing before, but it’s been super fun so far, and I plan to keep writing as long as I have time. The first chapter of my first story, ”Two Again,” is up on my Blogger site right now. Check it out at:


Hey all you littles and bigs out there! Big announcement (at least by my standards 😋) coming tomorrow morning. What could it be? 🤔 Stay tuned!

One of my favorite photos from a couple years ago. Sun's out, diapers out!

I'm back! Now that I have more free time I am hoping to post more frequently. So stay tuned and enjoy these pics from my last visit to daddy's house. Nothing like a super thick (and full) diaper!

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