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If he can’t see me, then there won’t be diaper changes, sshhh don’t tell daddy I’m hiding under the covers.

When I wake up sometimes I forget if I padded up last night, as I wake up I love feeling the padding, hearing the crinkly and looking down to realize that I did.

Ok, remember what I said about my past dry nights, well it turned out their not so dry anymore, daddy wasn’t mad I soaked the bed but he said back to diapers is the way to go now.

That morning check half awoke to see if you’re wet and should hide it ASAP or dry and go tell daddy 😁

It’s been a couple of nights without accidents so daddy decided to start transitioning to training pants, this might means potty training is next!!!

Probably one of my very last opportunity to take in the sun this year 🌞😎

I love my big chunky cloth diaper when it's stuffed with a terry square

Heeyyy, how did my diaper grow so thick over the night?! I think they’re magic diapers. No bedwetting here, definitely magic. πŸ€“

Waking up in my customized p@mpers again. They might not look that comfy but they Sure as hell are! Still experimenting and optimizing though. 🍼

Daddy was right... I shouldn’t had drank that last soda. He said I was lucky enough that the pull up hold it, he said I’m one leak away from going back to tape diapers 😨.

Time to pad up for the evening. Although with the weather being this warm, my outfit might end up staying like this...

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