My big brother @thatbabyboy had me put in a thick diapee, saying it should last until tomorrow. Rena even has a second booster 'in case I need it'!
But I'm a big boy, so I won't need the second booster at all🦊😊

Kody is ready to rumble! These folks have no idea that they're about to watch a kid kick some serious butt while wearing nothing but an AlphaGatorZ diaper! :diaper:

But I'd watch out, because he's even more feisty when his diaper's flooded! :diaper_wet:

'Gator Love'

The AlphaGatorZ are Kody's favourite. Cute, highly absorbent and comfy, they tick all the boxes on what makes a great diaper!

'Padded Bucket Boys'

Happy Star Wars Day, kids! To celebrate, I'd figure I'd do a shot of all the boys I've shown that wear SW helmets!

May the 4th be with you all!

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