Daddy Can I have my pants back please ?

NOPE !!!

Really Daddy ?

It's Warm outside and you don't need any pants :)

This Pampers looks sweet on you.

I'll know when you really need changing :)

No Pants Sorry :)

Aww OK Daddy.

See Daddy knows what's best for you sweetie:)

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I thought I'd throw in a wildcard to round the challenge up to a complete week.

So... Day 7: Nappy, Dress, and Rhumba Panties.

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@bilbo_uk very true best feeling in the world nice and fluffy between my legs so secure and sensual

Paddedcammy having fun with the soap bubble gun in the boys room in my flat in Amsterdam. We had such a great time together and hopefully he will be back soon.

🎅 🎁 Santa and I are busy preparing everyone's Christmas presents, but first we have to ask, "Have you been naughty or nice?" 😇 😈

Happy Holidays from @amsterdad and I and everyone else at Club ABDL in Amsterdam! And thank you @Emma as always for a great party and these pictures!

So I got that snap crotch onesie.
I tried size S that was to short for my long arms, so I went for M that was right for the arms, but too tall.
Washed it a couple times to shrink it. Ended up still to tall, but the arms shrunk. Useless and not comfy.

Then I remembered someone mentioning getting their t-shirts re-hemmed shorter, for added baby look.

So I just did that 🤭.

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