Forgot today was window cleaning day. Was putting on a diaper and pair of jeans and then heard a wipe coming from window. Literally was one of workers outside that had probably full view of my diaper.

Me and my friends did the marshmallow diaper challenge to see who messes their diaper first during a fun game of fortnite together. Who will win?

Messing my diaper in my friends face then getting spanked and bouncy on his knee. If you want to see more of content like this. Check out my twitter and Instagram under lorenzopadded. Check out my other pages under this link

Head over to playtymes website and check out the new products available for abdl and pups alike!! Get 10% off your order using code Lorenzopadded!! Link here

Been addicted to listening this song so much. Decided to dance to it!! Lots more content on my twitter and Instagram (lorenzopadded)

My favorite hobbies to do is dance!! Whether it's in a diaper, naked, or clothed. Please excuse the middle finger part. I thought it would fit the tone of the song and bad boy vibe. I dont ever use that.

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