Had a great trip in Austin with Misa! Got to kayak,hike, and bike all over. We even got donuts, but he was hogging them all! 😤

Headed to Austin, TX this weekend to get some trails in! 🚶 any recommendations? Also, would anyone like to hangout while I am there?

I am the "Fastest Wetter Alive" ⚡🏃 thankfully Misa can can take pictures

Triple padded kind of night. Good night and sweet dreams from Misa and me! 🤗☺️ :dummy: :diaper_wet: 🍼

Had a great time with this lil dude @Littlemerman 🤙🏼😁 lots of scary movies, snacks, and double diapered fun😋

Pictures throughout my day. Got to finally try the barnyard diapees while I worked(they held so much!! Was scared of leaking) and going to sleep in a princess one. Sweet dreams everyone! 🤗🍼😍 :dummy: :diaper_wet:

Going to bed all nice and padded with Misa, hopefully don't wake up wet :dummy: :diaper:

Me, daddy and a few other ABDLS went to a snow getaway!!! 😊 which... didn't go exactly as planned 😅 but I had a blast nonetheless cuz I got to hangout with some of my favorite people!

Daddy asked to see my diapee on the way cuz he didn't believe me when I said I was dry 🙈...i guess he was right...😳

(There's a lot of pics from this trip I wanna share, but I still need to edit them 😅... I'm actually staying up past my bedtime a little bit to post this 😅 Don't tell daddy!)

Misa and I made it safely to Chicago earlier today!! Excited to explore the city!

Omg didn't know there was a season 2!!! I love this show!! Time to get out cookies and milk 😍🍼

Happy New Years to all the wonderful Littles, abdls, caregivers, and everyone who is supportive and part of the community! You all are amazing and hope 2019 is an amazing year for us all! :diaper: :dummy: 🎆 🍼👶

Went to go see Aquaman last night!! 😊 Seeing all that water really made me drenched my diapee though :diaper_wet:

Yay going to Chicago January 8th-13th!! Any recommendations on fun things to do? Also would like to meet any local abdls, little, caregivers, etc in the area 😀


Abdl graduation 

Misa is having a hard time believing I graduated. He says little boys can't graduate if they wear diapers, especially if they are wet. :diaper_wet: :dummy:

This little merman is having a Spyro kinda of night. Good thing I am diapered 😍😊 :diaper: :dummy:

Thank you everyone for your good vibes. I think I did well in one test. The other one, well I guess I can accept a C for the semester 😂 hope everyone is having a great day and not wet like me 😁 :diaper_wet:

Good morning!!! Hope you all are staying padded and wish this little boy luck on his finals today 🤓

(Old Tumblr photo)

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