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Now that I’m freshly changed, Jelle says it’s time to get out of bed. Again.

And to put some dungarees on! It’s time for an adventure!

We went on a heritage train for the afternoon. And Jelle loved looking out the window at all the different things we passed!

@thatbabyboy hehe thankies 😊 Jelle has all the best accessories

@BlueStar aww thankies! Jelle is blushing now ! ☺️

I bet Filo and the others look adorable in their bandanas!

🚂 Me and Jelle were casually sitting on the train, when all of a sudden, a package appears out of nowhere, addressed to Jelle 📦 .

🧐 I wonder what’s in it?
You’d better open it and seen

🧣Ooh look! It’s a new bow tie from a friend in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 !

Doesn’t it look adorable on Jelle! And look how happy he looks with it on!

🧸 Such a dapper bear!

Did your bears get any new clothes or mysterious packages delivered to them?

@overalls9050 all the sand castles! Sadly none of them had space to hold an ice cream though. We had to eat it before it melted!
Thankies, it’s a nice t shirt isn’t it! It’s from nappies r us a couple of years ago

@Hampshirebaby absolutely! Don’t want to get burned. And who wants Sandy ice cream?! Urgh!

It’s summer! (Well sort of!)

Me and Jelle took a trip to the beach one afternoon!
We were very busy with the bucket and spade building sandcastles, and afterwards we had an ice cream and watched the boats in the harbour.

I know it’s still not a normal year this year, but do you have summer plans?

@BlueStar but you gotta get up sooner or later! Sweets are in the kitchen not the bedroom!

@thatbabyboy @BlueStar he is a good little fox isn’t he! Did you get to choose which one you had?

@Hampshirebaby @BlueStar @jelle I was padded but maybe not the sort you’re thinking of. The comfortable kind not the absorbent kind

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