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@BlueStar @putbackinnappies it’s ok little fox 🦊 I know you didn’t mean to be mean 😊
Now don’t eat all those sweets at once or the plushies will get suspicious!

Me and @jelle went for a bike ride the other day.

@jelle was convinced we were lost, even though I said I knew exactly where we were.

📍 We’re here!
🗺 *points at the map*

Jelle frowned, and studiously looked at the map anyway.

After he was happy we knew where we were going, we set off again for an afternoon of adventure and a well earned train ride home!

@jelle says it was a good thing I was padded last night. The sog monster paid me a visit during the night! Now I need changies...

@BlueStar got you with hugs and sweets?

Yes I agree with you. I don’t think I could do what hunters do.

Yes me and Jelle have found a few. I don’t think we have 10 yet though...
Do you hunt them too? What else do little foxes hunt?

@BlueStar nooo I would never hunt a cute little fox!

I don’t have a hunting license and I don’t hunt animals.

I like hunting for inanimate objects. Currently I’m hunting for geocaches. I’ve not found many yet though...

@Thomas_parker123 you might have to wait a while for pull ups yet ...

@BlueStar that is good! But I’m not hunting in video games. I’m hunting in real life!

@subbysootherboy think of all the mischief two unattended littles could get up to!

@BlueStar I’m sure I can always find sweets for you as long as you have tummy space!

@BlueStar that’s such a nice story blue! And very good illustrations. I think you deserve some sweets for your hard work!

@Little_StuStu when I was in the office I used to have a 25 mile ride each way.
So I know your pain. Good equipment and a well fitting bike will help. Thermal gloves, thin liners, thermals, padded shorts all make a difference!

@Bkid5 @overalls9050 @Little_StuStu agreed dungarees are cool and comfy!

My advice would be, make sure the buttons are good quality. I had some cheap ones where the buttons kept popping off. I had to superglue them on and use safety pins to hold them

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