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@Sotiger what a lovely looking tree. Are there any presents underneath it yet?

@Davey_the_brat @overalls9050 @abenjaminbutton I’m surprised it took so long to be honest...
Is the box good fun?

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Right UK littles, it's time to put on your big kid pull-ups and go out and vote!

Daddy says we get stickers if we do ⭐️

(he also says I don't get to wear pull-ups yet..)

@spacetiger @james I voted! I voted! πŸ—³ can I have a sticker please?!???

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This little puppy had far too much fun with the Christmas decorations !

#pup #christmas

@Littleboyrami it was a great weekend! And Jelle was super happy to see Beertje, Otis, Senior and all your other plushies !

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:blobaww: β€œLast weekend was awesome! Was glad to be at CL (Club Luier in Amsterdam) and see some friends again. I’m surprised that every time i get there i get to see and meet new people! I really love to go there. πŸ™ƒ

The day after @Littleivo and i went to a β€˜secret’ play party with lots of fun, candy and games! (So thanks to those, who i cannot tag, who made this possible) πŸ‘€πŸ˜‹

You can imagine these two little boys were exhausted after all the excitement.” 😴

@Teddyaidan it is very hard work sometimes! It’s enough to tire a little out!

@tommythelittle politics is not like a marriage. It’s like a bus. You go with the service that gets you closer to where you want to be, and then you can change. You’re not wedded to one party for life

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Going to sleep after a great day in Amsterdam. First the excursion to the adult playground WONDR (the teddy bear room 🐻!) and then a super edition of Club ABDL (100 people present!). Had so much fun. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!
Nice to finally meet @abenjaminbutton and @KyleJ . EnchantΓ© de faire votre connaissance @Ababyboy et @Sotiger .
Special huggies to @amsterdad @spacetiger @james @Littleivo @Littleboyrami @Davey_the_brat
Miss you all already! Nite nite everyone πŸ€—

@overalls9050 @Davey_the_brat it was good fun! And there was a room filled with teddy bears and another with marshmallows and another with balls and another with confetti.

We’re making a list
And checking it twice
Got to make sure we packed all nice
Jelle and Ivo are coming to town

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