@Kyldex @james Jelle says itโ€™s the sog monster. But I have to wear nappies anyway...

@bilbo_uk eep that is low! You need to restock fast!!

@BlueStar @fussy_fox @thatbabyboy I agree that this is pretty cool. But as you rightly said, you forgot plushies. You also forgot diapered cuddles from the list!!โ€™

@babyprince_s @james ๐ŸŽต daddy shark doo doo da doo ๐ŸŽต

@james ๐ŸŽถ baby shark doo doo da doo ๐ŸŽถ ๐Ÿฆˆ

@chwefror21 @BlueStar @gerDL @thatbabyboy this is a very fair point. Decision making and consciousness are two very different forms of intelligence. We have the former artificially. The latter is a way away.
I think it may be possible to emulate them in the future. Whether machines will truly have emotions though, Iโ€™m not sure...
This is where you start taking about specific and general intelligence ...

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy @chwefror21 not ganging up on you! Just keeping you informed :)

Also awooo!!!

@BlueStar @chwefror21 @thatbabyboy this is very true. Artificial intelligence is very good at solving strictly bounded problems, but itโ€™s a specialised artificial intelligence. In that respect, it can and does outperform humans, but only at specified tasks.
General artificial intelligence, that Is a different question. There is always progress but it is slow compared to other areas of ai so it doesnโ€™t look like itโ€™s intelligent. Yet.

@chwefror21 @BlueStar @thatbabyboy yes that is sad and a constant annoyance at the supermarket

@chwefror21 @BlueStar @thatbabyboy haha the definition of intelligence is Blurry sometimes. Is artificial intelligence intelligent ? What about the Turing test? Is that the definition of an intelligent computer??

@chwefror21 @BlueStar @thatbabyboy yes, absolutely. Palm oil is horrible in so many ways. But like sugar itโ€™s another one of these things thatโ€™s really hard to avoid.

I find both leave a really odd taste in my mouth. Like an old sock. Wonder why that is ๐Ÿค”

@chwefror21 @BlueStar @thatbabyboy I donโ€™t remember seeing that but I can certainly believe it!

@chwefror21 @BlueStar @thatbabyboy indeed the brain is amazing. I wonder what youโ€™d discover if you went into psychological research. It can be very interesting watching what makes people tick.

@chwefror21 @BlueStar @thatbabyboy itโ€™s really interesting listening to you both talk about this :)

I tried giving up sugar a couple of years ago and itโ€™s really hard. I do eat sugar now but interestingly Iโ€™m now really sensitive to that, and to palm oil, now.

good luck @chwefror21 with the exam! It will be exciting if you get to work as a technician for wind turbines!!

@BlueStar Youโ€™re right, nature is amazing. The more you look at it the more there is to see!

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