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Went to my first pup event last week - Paws in Southampton! Had an absolute blast meeting so many pups and hanging out with @junior @finn @spacetiger and @ryandk! Can't wait to go back!

@littlequestions ooh yes I have been to a few events. Some are better than others for a variety of reasons. I don’t think any have ever been quite what I expected though!

@diaperboydan that’s an interesting view out of the window. Looks quite industrial! Luckily all those workers can’t see in :)

@spacetiger @james @PaddedTwink Who were good boys? No, really, I need to know! Was it us? @jelle says we were good!

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Babypuppies make the cutest pup piles 😄 Here’s Finn, Junior, & Sudo, aka @Littleivo @james & @PaddedTwink, playing nicely together at Club Paws/Little Ones 🐾 🍼 Good puppies!

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@BabyDavid @Sotiger I need to get some new pyjamas. I still have the coloured star ones from a few years ago. They’re my favourite!

@Kentdaddy @Smallmimi hmm I went to ABC once but I felt a bit uncomfortable there :(

@Smallmimi I haven’t been on fetlife for a long time! It doesn’t work on my phone :(

From what I heard, LBL was amazing. Maybe I’ll get there one year


@jelle or, better yet, a hug on the train! What better way for a little and his teddy bear to travel?

@jelle isn’t big enough to see out the widow though. Sometimes even the most adventurous teddy bears need need a helping hand

@jelle is sitting on his throne (also known as a train seat)

We’re going on an adventure today!

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