That wonderful moment where you wake up from a sweet dream, wrapped up in a snug onesie and diaper the sun streaming through your window, still cuddling your stuffie from when you went to sleep 😍

Sometimes a little guy just wants to be cute, pad up :diaper: , slip on a comfy onesie and cuddle his bear 🧸. And have some pup time.

Luckily @jelle doesn’t mind!

After ABU sorted out my order, I thought I’d try on one of my new size S/M Little Paws.

I may not have had too many paws left by morning

Good morning sleepy littles!

It’s time for a warm cup of milk to start this little ones day.

What will you be up to today?

Big: Ok, little boy. It’s time for your shower before you get breakfast.

Me: *Waddles into bathroom*

Big: Now, show me your monsters nappy. Did you use it well? I want to see how little you really are.

Me: *Grins and pulls down pjs*

What do you think?

I spy with my little eye, something poking over the top of my belt!

I’ve got some new plastic pants from @diaperheroes. They’re so comfy! And keeping this little one dry on his travels.

Do you like wearing plastic pants?

The last leg of this little one’s summer adventures around the highlands last year. Catching the sleeper train from Scotland.

It’s like stepping back in time on this train, and such a wonderful experience

What adventures have you been on over the summer?

One nappy change later... @james ok maybe I’m not such a big boy. Good thing @spacetiger packed some spare padding!

Show thread

Big: “Good morning kiddo!*
Me: “Do I have to get up today?!”
Big: “It’s the summer solstice! ☀️ We’ve got a full day of fun planned!”
Me: *grumbles* ok...

What do you have planned for the longest day of the year?

This one of my new onesies from @overalls9050 ! Thankies :)

Ivo’s outfit for club luier today 

It’s such a lovely day today! I got to choose my own outfit too :)

Now, it’s got to be my favourite onesie and shortalls. But I’m having trouble deciding what underwear to wear for my day out to Amsterdam.

Should I wear big boy underwear with cool robots?

Or special underwear with cute teddy bears?

Jelle says I can wear my big boy underwear if I promise not to have any accidents.

Can you help me choose?

How do two littles make a cake?

- 2 freshly cleaned and diapered littles :diaper:
- a big and a teddy to supervise (@jelle) 🐻


- 4 eggs
- 8oz self raising flour
- 8oz butter
- 8 oz caster sugar
Mix and bake for 20 minutes at gas mark 6

- jam
- icing

- some help with the oven
- supervision to stop us eating it before it’s done
- fun and love and laughter

@paddedtech did an excellent job with the icing!

Abdl and plushie in bed 

It’s far too early to be up ⏰

“Can me and Jelle go back to bed?”

“What do you mean no?!”

Ooh ok adventures are a good reason to get up!

“Where are we going?”

Ooh trains! 🚂

Last week was go on an adventure day! So, I went on a padded adventure with my friend @Seaside to ride on some steam trains!
Jelle was a good bear and looked after my ticket for me. 🎫 🐻
I asked really nicely and I was allowed to climb into the loco. It was really hot with the fire going 🔥 But it was good fun! I got to pretend to be a driver too! 🚂 Choo Whoo!
What adventures have you been on lately? Did you get to climb on board a steam train?

It's nap time for this little one while visiting @littlealteran

I think this must be the second best way to put a diaper to use? What do you think?

@diaperheroes this is my entry to the photo competition.

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