Me and Jelle are packed and ready for our adventure as starts its next chapter.

Thanks @support and @Pikachu for keeping this space going for our community.

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise…

Jelle shouting “boo” from the trees!!!

There’s a heatwave forecast for the uk this week.

Make sure you keep yourselves and your plushies safe.

Don’t go out in the sun if you don’t have to.

Drink plenty of water.

Keep cool.

Jelle has been helping me post some letters today.

Here he is putting the stamps on.

When did you last send a letter? Who did you send it to?

It’s a lovely afternoon, so time for an adventure.

Me and Jelle are off to admire the engineering of the Thames Barrier that keeps London safe from flooding.

After a hard days work it’s important to make sure that your plushie is comfortably tucked up in bed. They need a good nights sleep too!

How do your plushies like to sleep?

Mr and Jelle do enjoy a day out on the train!

Whenever we go out, Jelle is always in charge of the tickets. That way we always know where we’re going!

And of course a photo at the station to prove we got there.

Have you been anywhere lately? Do you take your plushies?

What’s that poking out above your pyjamas?

Nothing you say?

Hmm ok, if you say so. I’m sure it’s not a diaper…

What do you think it may be?

*the next day*

Hmm ok it may have been a diaper, and it may be a tad wet this morning.

*squishy butt wriggles*

Jelle is helping me get ready for bed!

What do you think of his padding choice for me?

I got to try out the new tykables builders the other night! Very comfy!

Though, I’ll let you in to a little secret, they weren’t as dry in the morning as they were when I went to bed! 😮)

I know me and Jelle have been pretty quiet on here lately.

But we’re still around! Please do say hi if you want to :)

We’ve been busy since the end of the lockdown. Lots of theatre trips, and other fun things. Just not making much to post lately.

Me and Jelle recently went to see Dear Evan Hansen. It’s a really good show but an emotional roller coaster. You need to have gout out of bed on the right side to be strong enough to sit through it.

Jelle cried so hard he made my lap wet!

The weekend just gone was Manchester pride weekend.

Me and Jelle had so much fun at the party.

And we met so many new people!

It was my first pride party, and though it wasn’t all smooth sailing, it was good fun. It’s a shame that so many prides have still been cancelled.

What did you get up to this weekend? Did you have fun?


Now that I’m freshly changed, Jelle says it’s time to get out of bed. Again.

And to put some dungarees on! It’s time for an adventure!

We went on a heritage train for the afternoon. And Jelle loved looking out the window at all the different things we passed!

🚂 Me and Jelle were casually sitting on the train, when all of a sudden, a package appears out of nowhere, addressed to Jelle 📦 .

🧐 I wonder what’s in it?
You’d better open it and seen

🧣Ooh look! It’s a new bow tie from a friend in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 !

Doesn’t it look adorable on Jelle! And look how happy he looks with it on!

🧸 Such a dapper bear!

Did your bears get any new clothes or mysterious packages delivered to them?

It’s summer! (Well sort of!)

Me and Jelle took a trip to the beach one afternoon!
We were very busy with the bucket and spade building sandcastles, and afterwards we had an ice cream and watched the boats in the harbour.

I know it’s still not a normal year this year, but do you have summer plans?

Me and @jelle went for a bike ride the other day.

@jelle was convinced we were lost, even though I said I knew exactly where we were.

📍 We’re here!
🗺 *points at the map*

Jelle frowned, and studiously looked at the map anyway.

After he was happy we knew where we were going, we set off again for an afternoon of adventure and a well earned train ride home!

@jelle says it was a good thing I was padded last night. The sog monster paid me a visit during the night! Now I need changies...

I made some signs for abysitter’s new Q&A series. Here’s my one, why not take a look and answer one yourself?

Jelle is being very helpful with modelling the sign for me!

Thank you @littlealteran for the hoodie! Rawr! 🦖

Last week, me and @jelle did some drawing to make a sign for

Jelle is being helpful and looking after the colouring pencils for me, and making sure I stay in the lines.

What do you think of it?

Have you done any drawing lately?

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