Big: Ok, little boy. It’s time for your shower before you get breakfast.

Me: *Waddles into bathroom*

Big: Now, show me your monsters nappy. Did you use it well? I want to see how little you really are.

Me: *Grins and pulls down pjs*

What do you think?

Wet nappy 

After all the excitement yesterday, me and @jelle Decided to stay In bed this morning.

Besides, it’s cold out and with this onesie on, we’re nice and warm! 🛌 🐻

We had our two minute silence at 11, then went off to get soup for lunch! 🥣

And no, I’m definately sure that I’m absolutely positively not wet :diaper_wet:

What did you do this weekend ?

Me and Jelle are found a cool spot to watch the city! 🌃

It’s better than being out in the rain 🌧

What did you do today?

Me and @jelle are playing with our new train set!

Plus I’m wearing my new dinosaur onesie from padded paws🦕 🦖

Choo choo! 🚂

Do you have a train set? Can I bring my train and come play with you?

The summer might be long gone,
And it’s too cold to lay in the garden.
But it’s never the wrong weather
To go on an

I’ve had a fantastic summer of adventures with @jelle.

What have you been up to?

@jelle or, better yet, a hug on the train! What better way for a little and his teddy bear to travel?

@jelle isn’t big enough to see out the widow though. Sometimes even the most adventurous teddy bears need need a helping hand

@jelle is sitting on his throne (also known as a train seat)

We’re going on an adventure today!

💤 What do you mean it’s time to get up? 💤
Ok. Me and @jelle will get up. But first, a nap.
This is how I use a diaper right?

I spy with my little eye, something poking over the top of my belt!

I’ve got some new plastic pants from @diaperheroes. They’re so comfy! And keeping this little one dry on his travels.

Do you like wearing plastic pants?

Big: “Rise and shine little one”
Little me: “it’s so sunny...!”
Big: even better to go outside and play then!”
*goes to get changed...*

Did any littles get to go outside and play this weekend?

The last leg of this little one’s summer adventures around the highlands last year. Catching the sleeper train from Scotland.

It’s like stepping back in time on this train, and such a wonderful experience

What adventures have you been on over the summer?

Nappies packed, teddy bear in arm. Supply cup of juice and some snacks in the lunch box.

Me and Jelle are off for our latest train trip! This time, we’re off to the Peak District!

What are you doing with your stuffie today?

One nappy change later... @james ok maybe I’m not such a big boy. Good thing @spacetiger packed some spare padding!

Two littles have a mischievous look in their eyes as they spy a pile of logs

🎵 If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise 🎶

"The name is Bond. Jelle Bond"

Secret agent Jelle Bond, ably assisted by LittleIvo, go in search of the evil Sog Monster, in order to bring him to justice for all the wet diapers that he has caused to unsuspecting littles.

... some time later ...

Oh, erm... I think the sog monster found us before we found him...

Anyone able to help with changies :diaper_wet: 🐻 ?

What have you been up to this weekend? Did you go on any super secret spy missions?

Big: “Good morning kiddo!*
Me: “Do I have to get up today?!”
Big: “It’s the summer solstice! ☀️ We’ve got a full day of fun planned!”
Me: *grumbles* ok...

What do you have planned for the longest day of the year?

This one of my new onesies from @overalls9050 ! Thankies :)

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