I know me and Jelle have been pretty quiet on here lately.

But we’re still around! Please do say hi if you want to :)

We’ve been busy since the end of the lockdown. Lots of theatre trips, and other fun things. Just not making much to post lately.

Me and Jelle recently went to see Dear Evan Hansen. It’s a really good show but an emotional roller coaster. You need to have gout out of bed on the right side to be strong enough to sit through it.

Jelle cried so hard he made my lap wet!

@Littleivo Uhhh, sounds like you had a fun time so far😁
Hehe, so many emotions in that show? Wow! Can't say I've heard of it, though😅

@BlueStar it’s a very emotional show. It touches on a lot of difficult subjects and is quite hard to watch in places.

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