Me and @jelle went for a bike ride the other day.

@jelle was convinced we were lost, even though I said I knew exactly where we were.

📍 We’re here!
🗺 *points at the map*

Jelle frowned, and studiously looked at the map anyway.

After he was happy we knew where we were going, we set off again for an afternoon of adventure and a well earned train ride home!

@Littleivo @jelle Sounds like you had loads fun of out there. Good that the little bear knows the map just as well as you do😁 How long were you out?

@Littleivo @BlueStar @jelle if you were out that long hope you were a) padded and b) had a few changes with you

@Hampshirebaby @BlueStar @jelle I was padded but maybe not the sort you’re thinking of. The comfortable kind not the absorbent kind

@Littleivo @Hampshirebaby @jelle Wow, that was a really long adventure you two had! I bet you had a good sleep that night ;)

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