Good morning sleepy littles!

It’s time for a warm cup of milk to start this little ones day.

What will you be up to today?

It's not very safe to have a little running around the house with a warm cup of milk... 😬 Where's your bottle or sippy cup @Littleivo ?
It's grey and foggy outside here, I guess today will be inside in jammies all day 😜

@overalls9050 erm... I had no big to stop me?
*runs with warm milk*
It’s grey and foggy here too. But I’m out and about ! Will have a jammies afternoon though

I have to head for the airport in about an hour. Flying to the Netherlands for a week of work. Have to be a grown up 😟

@bilbo_uk @Littleivo @overalls9050 that kind of problem happens to even the best of us 😜😱

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