After all the excitement yesterday, me and @jelle Decided to stay In bed this morning.

Besides, it鈥檚 cold out and with this onesie on, we鈥檙e nice and warm! 馃泴 馃惢

We had our two minute silence at 11, then went off to get soup for lunch! 馃ィ

And no, I鈥檓 definately sure that I鈥檓 absolutely positively not wet :diaper_wet:

What did you do this weekend ?


Wet nappy 

Ok @jelle, maybe I鈥檓 a little bit wet. But who鈥檚 worried about wet nappies? :diaper_wet:

*bear stare* 馃惢

You are?!

*bear stare intensifies* 馃憖

I need a change? What do you mean I need a change?

Ok. Ok. Who can help me get changed?

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