After all the excitement yesterday, me and @jelle Decided to stay In bed this morning.

Besides, it’s cold out and with this onesie on, we’re nice and warm! 🛌 🐻

We had our two minute silence at 11, then went off to get soup for lunch! 🥣

And no, I’m definately sure that I’m absolutely positively not wet :diaper_wet:

What did you do this weekend ?

Wet nappy 

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@Littleivo @jelle Your weekend sounds nice! I celebrated my friend’s birthday! And then rock climbed 😄

@That_little_Joel @jelle ooh how exciting! I hope you didn’t fall off the rocks!

@Littleivo @jelle We did our two minutes of silence too, at our church's remembrance service.

@mHabdl @jelle aww that’s nice! I went to a memorial for my two minutes

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