Me and @jelle are playing with our new train set!

Plus I’m wearing my new dinosaur onesie from padded paws🦕 🦖

Choo choo! 🚂

Do you have a train set? Can I bring my train and come play with you?

That looks great. We can make a station from lego to match the colours

What a nice way to start a Sunday morning @Littleivo @jelle . Curious to see more of that dinosaur onesie, it looks really cool!
I don't have a train set at home, but a Daddy I visit every now and then has. Have a nice day 🤗

@overalls9050 @jelle oh it is a nice day especially compared to yesterday. Perfect for a padded bike ride or hike in the country side later.
Ooh you get to play with a train set when you visit him? How cool! Is it a wooden one or a big boy model one?

@Littleivo @jelle Well enjoy. It's a rainy day on the other side of the Channel.
Daddy has a wooden train set, it looks similar to yours 🙂

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