A question for all the littles out there?

What’s your favourite day time diaper?

I’m looking for something to take on a day trip, and want it to last a long time and be comfortable.
I’m thinking something like Tykables or cloth backed pre schools...

@Littleivo the forsite brand holds a ton, doesn’t sag much, doesn’t swell a lot, and doesn’t stretch out! It’s great

Abu Barebum are pretty good. For me I need thicker diapers for day time too though. Crinklz are awesome

@Littleivo Regular crinklz. There is no difference between day or night time for me. 😁

@Littleivo current favourite is SDK. Didn't get on with cloth backed PS. NRU plastic playdayz were also good.

@Littleivo I’m having good experiences with PeekAbu and SDK on day trips.

@Littleivo Although I sort of like the idea of tykables for daytime use, because they can be readjusted very easily, if I think about it for a while there is only one answer to me: Crinklz.

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