Big: “Rise and shine little one”
Little me: “it’s so sunny...!”
Big: even better to go outside and play then!”
*goes to get changed...*

Did any littles get to go outside and play this weekend?

@BabyDavid Ooh hello Mini Caramel! Jelle says Hi too 👋 🐻

@Littleivo hehe he’s the mini version of caramel but his fur isn’t matted from snuggles

@Littleivo Playdate picnic near the river. Quite a lot of wind though. How was your day outside?

@087orion Mostly I was doing house work... But I did pick some blackberries for pudding, and went for a bike ride!

@tommythelittle What? Never! I went for a bike ride in the breeze! 🚴
Ok, it was a bit windy... riding home I was doing 45km/h with the wind behind me!

I was out on Antwerp Pride 🏳️‍🌈. It was a really nice day, it started windy but ended up nice and sunny. Lots of other guys in overalls and shortalls too 😀 but I didn’t spot other littles. @Littleivo

@overalls9050 That sounds fun! I saw some littles at London Pride 🏳️‍🌈 but I didn't get to talk to them :(

@087orion Yes I was with my bf and some friends. It was a great day.

@Ababyboy how exciting! Are you by the beach? Or in the mountains?

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